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Plumbing Services

Find excellent plumbing services through in Multan. You are here at right platform for plumbers for your house, office or flats. We get call/text for all type plumbing requests for offices, homes, apartments, residential and commercial areas.

Plumbing services for houses in Multan.

Plumbing services for apartments in Multan.

Plumbing services for offices in Multan.

  • Sewer cleaning,
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Kitchen, bathroom and basement plumbing
  • Drain cleaning
  • Leakages on slabs
  • Installation water supply to kitchen
  • Maintenance of water supply to kitchen
  • Maintenance of hot/cold water supply to bathrooms
Mixer Tap Installation Repairing Starting From-500
Sink Spindle Change Starting From-300
Muslim Shower Replacement Fixed Price-300
Water Motor Installation Vary After Inspection-1000
Water Leakage in Kitchen and Washroom Vary After Inspection-1000
Flash Button and Lever Repairing Starting From-800
Hot or Cold Water Piping Vary After Inspection-500
Washroom Accessory Installation Vary After Inspection-1500
Kitchen or Washroom Drain Blockage Vary After Inspection-500
Automatic Washing Machine Installation Vary After Inspection-1000
Water geyser Installation and Repairing Starting From-500
Tank Floating wall Starting From-500
Water Motor Repairing Starting From-800
Oven Range Service Starting From-800
Water Tank Supply Issue Starting From-500
Gas Pipe Wiring Starting From-500
Plumbing Work Starting From-500
Instant Geyser Service Starting From-800
Gas Geyser Service Vary After Inspection-800
Instant Geyser Installation Starting From-1000
Gas Geyser Installation Starting From-1500
Commode Installation Starting From-1000
Pipeline Water Leakage Vary After Inspection-0
Drain Pipe Installation Vary After Inspection-500
Tank Leakage Vary After Inspection-0
Sink Installation Vary After Inspection-0
Heater Uninstallation Starting From-500
Electric Geyser Repairing Vary After Inspection-1000
Sink Pipe Replacement Vary After Inspection-500
Water Tank Installation Services Starting From-1000