Repairing Services



Publicly you have a list of electricians in your local area, but if we talk about dependable service and work efficiency then you will silent. No need to patience on bad service now, you can call/text for a good service to (providing skilled affordable electricians).

If you are searching for a good electrician for your office, home or building, you can contact us any time for Best Electrician Services.

Also find Electricians online through our platform in all areas of Multan in case of emergencies (short circuit).

  • Solar Panels Installation
  • Replacement of breaker (Three Phase)
  • Assembly and Installation of Chandelier Light
  • Generator Installation
  • LED TV/LCD Installation
  • CCTV camera installation
  • Light Plug Installation
Ceiling Fan Installation Starting From-300
SMD Lights Installation Vary After Inspection-150
LED TV or LCD Mounting Starting From-1000
Switchboard Button and Socket Replacement  Starting From-50
Change Over Switch Installation Vary After Inspection-700
Single Phase Breaker Replacement Starting From-300
Single Phase Distribution Box Installation Starting From-2000
Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation Vary After Inspection-600
Washing Machine Repairing Starting From-500
Network Cable Installation Vary After Inspection-500
Fan Dimmer Switch Installation  Vary After Inspection-200
UPS Repairing Starting From-500
UPS Installation Starting From-350
Exhaust Fan Installation  Starting From-500
New House Wiring Per SQFT-25
Water Pump Repairing Starting From-500
Electrical Wiring Starting From-500
Electric Work Starting From-500
Generator Repairing Starting From-500
Door Pillar Lights Starting From-500
Electric Heater Repairing Starting From-600
Fancy Light Installation Starting From-500
UPS Wiring Starting From-500
Spindle Machine Starting From-500
LED Dismounting Starting From-500
Kitchen Hood Repairing Vary After Inspection-0
Washing Machine Installation Starting From-500